Discovery Call

Schedule a complimentary call to learn more about my services and to explore if I will be a good fit for your needs. This is not a Q&A session, but a time to learn about each other. Please leave the phone number you would like to be reached at the time of booking this appointment. This call is about 15-20 minutes in duration.

Package 1: Light

This option allows you to purchase a package of an initial 75 minute consultation and **one** 30 minute follow-up. This option is great for someone who needs little guidance or just want to get started. *$500 Value*

Package 2: Deeper

This package allows you to purchase an initial 75 minute consultation and **three** 30 minute follow-ups, which a 30 day meal plan includes an additional **21-day** meal plan with recipes and shopping lists. This package allows for extra support and deeper exploration of healing and wellness. *Sliding scale available.*

Package 3: Rooted

This package allows you to purchase an initial 75 minute consultation and **SIX** 30 minute follow-ups, which two 30-day meal plans. This plan gives us the opportunity to work together for about four-six months and see the most benefits from the program designed for you. We will dive deeper into the root cause of your health concerns, cycle sync your hormones to your lifestyle, and make long lasting changes. You will receive lots of ongoing support. This option is ideal for someone who has been struggling with their health for a long duration, preparing for fertility procedures, or have a specific goal in mind. *$1500 Value* *Sliding scale available.*

Prenatal Consultation

Congratulations on your pregnancy! You may be wondering what to eat, may be experiencing health challenges, or just need motivation to eat better. In this consultation, I will address your goals and concerns, go over key prenatal nutrition and supplements, and lifestyle factors.

Moon Cycle Syncing

In this highly personalized session, you will learn how to chart your personal moon cycle and unveil your unique lunar rhythm as a gateway to cultivating a deeper and more empowered relationship with your body. We dive into Ayurvedic wisdom, Functional Medicine, nutrition, sleep, movement, meditation, creativity, and stress management. Think of this session as an intimate masterclass tailored just for you!

Egg Retrieval/Freezing

Nutrition and lifestyle *can* have a significant impact on egg quality and hence chances for IVF success. Everyone’s nutritional needs are different and require a personalized plan to replenish nutrients and nurture reproductive health. We will discuss nutrition, lifestyle, sleep, emotional wellness, and activities to prepare for the procedure AND for recovery. We will formulate a plan and come up with next steps. Sliding scale available.

Q&A Consultation

This option is for clients who have previously worked with me or for someone seeking quick answers. This session can be done via a video conferencing app or telephone. Please leave a detailed context when booking this appointment (if we have not spoken already).

Follow-Up Prepaid Appointment

This option is for current clients who have prepaid or bought a package. All follow-up appointments are done via phone or a web conferencing app. 30 minute follow-up sessions can be broken down to 3-ten minute appointments.